English Business Breakfast
4th April, 11:00
Immerse into the atmosphere of English language and efficient business communication.
Breakfast + Networking + English Practice
Breakfast: delicious start of the weekend in Sunset Cafe at Nurly Tau.

Networking: guests are top managers invited from among the organizers' clientele and friends.

English practice: a specific topic and well-scripted plan of the discussion will help you practice your English efficiently and not lose a minute. Get ready in advance with a 'to-read-list' and glossary sent before the brunch.
Where and When
Organizational fee: 2500tg
Brunch: not included.

Limited number of guests, book a place below.
Apr 15 | Saturday
11.00 – 13.00
Organized by
Знаю! School operates in b2b and online education. The school motto is – English as a tool and that's what we do. We teach English not as a subject, but as a thing you can use to achieve your goals and make your life better. Use English and our Business Breakfast format to work on your networking, share ideas, find business partners and get insights to improve your productivity or management.
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2500 тенге: участие, общий бонус (примеры: материалы, книга и т.д.)
Yearly Membership
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25 000 тенге: безлимитное посещение всех завтраков (приоритетная регистрация), общие бонусы, дополнительные бонусы.

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Ok, cool, what are we going to do there?
The breakfast lasts for 2 hours, we will get to know each other first, talk about the concept of it, have a 30 min networking part while you will be having your brunch and then we'll do a series of activities concerning the topic.
What about my level?
Your level should be not lower than intermediate. That is enough for working in groups of three. Nobody is being pushed, you can just come for the experience and take part as actively as you wish.
Why should I come?
First, that is a step out of your comfort zone which is always good (like a cold shower in the desert). Second, you practice your English in real environment. Third, you'll have a chance to meet new people and join the community, find new business opportunities.
Can I invite someone?
Yes, as long as they register, their level is appropriate and we have enough spots left. In that case both of you got a free cappuccino on the house at the breakfast.
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