Grammar Storytelling 
История Веры Ахметчиной
The essay was written after 7 days of writing & grammar training at Знаю!School Grammar Storytelling Course
The Last story.

I want to tell you about our main character – the Intuition. As you know from previous chapters that she was very helpful for important events in Jack's life.

I want to make you feel her in your life. What are your relationships with her? Do you know her? How does her voice sound?

Remember back important events in your life. How have you made your decisions? Maybe you have consulted with your inner voice or you have heard it only after you have decided.

What did you feel at that moment? Trust yourself, fair or mistrust? And where are you today? Do you like it?

What would have been if you had heard that she is the best partner in life? Or if you always listen to it, what would happen if you hadn’t?

When we look into our future, we talk with Intuition, when we watch look at our past we talk with the logical Mind. The Intuition can help us to make a right decision even we don’t know anything for sure. And the logical Mind analyzes our our past, decisions, effects, feelings. But he can’t give us a right way when he doesn’t know any details.

And I want to say that both are important for our life. All our feelings and abilities are important for us. If we live in harmony with our feelings we are able to do great things. As for ourselves and as for the world.

When you make a decision about a way to do something - work, relationships, creativity or something else, try to agree with your inner self. If you don’t want to do something that all friends do, it’s doesn’t mean that it’s bad or they are bad. It just means that it isn’t for you. If everything around you tells you that you need this but you don’t want it, it just means you actually don't need it.

Your authority is you, nobody else.